Sugar Coated Winter


It has been terribly cold the last few weeks. While it snowed regularly here in the valley, the frigid temperature has shied away even the die-hard winter lovers. Morning joggers, whom I have regularly seen in the early hours of the morning, have all but disappeared. Every once in a while, a pedestrian or commuter, bundled in thick layers of clothing, would unwillingly appeared…only to quickly disappeared again. Nevertheless, I continue to make my morning rounds, searching for beauty among the seemingly lifeless landscape. For the first time for as long as I can remember, or perhaps it’s the first time I’ve really taken care to notice, that frost comes in all shapes and sizes. Just the other morning, long spiky crystals, the size of sewing needles, covered every leaf and branch. It was a sight to see. This morning among many other mornings, a beautiful, thick white coating that very much resembled large granulated sugar blanketed the entire landscape.